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BSC Uniform " Early type waist overall "


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BSC Uniform “Early type waist overall”


Uniform denim pants commissioned by Signal Garments

Based on “WAIST OVERALL” from the 1870s to 1880s

Made of 9.5oz light ounce indigo denim that is easy to move as a uniform.

I sewed up with a single stitch as well as at that time,

The side stitches and yoke are not sewn.

As a result, the warp will come off during washing at the beginning of wearing,

It becomes calm by repeating the washing.

Since it will be the sewing specifications at the time,

I hope you will enjoy it while wearing the part that follows the historical background.

size 32

Waist: 85 cm

Length: 82 cm

Front rise: 35 cm

Rear rise: 44 cm

Watari width: 36 cm

Suso width: 25 cm

size 34

Waist: 90cm

Length: 82 cm

Front rise: 36 cm

Rear rise: 45 cm

Watari width: 37 cm

Suso width: 26 cm

size 36

Waist: 95cm

Length: 82 cm

Front rise: 37 cm

Rear rise: 47 cm

Watari width: 38 cm

Suso width: 27 cm

size 38

Waist: 100 cm

Length: 82 cm

Front rise: 38 cm

Rear rise: 48 cm

Watari width: 39 cm

Suso width: 28 cm

Handing over will be unwashed.

The size will be the size notation after one-wash.


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