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The Mail's shoe care co. Neutral OIL

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The Mail’s shoe care co.

Neutral OIL

– Oil for smooth leather –

Color: Neutral
Quantity: 70 ml

For Smooth leather.

Casual shoes and work boots etc. We are suitable for leather which enjoying aging.

You can also use it for leather goods other than shoes such as bags, wallets and belts.

How to use
Take a small amount of cream on a soft cloth, brush or fingers,
We will stretch it so that it will become even thinner and even.
Then brush with a soft cloth or brush.
Moist moisture, leather will be supple.

Principal component
Oil, wax

Usage notes
Besides leather, it can not be used.
Because it will stretch well in small quantities, please be careful of putting too much.

Depending on the leather, spots and discoloration may occur.
Be sure to try it in an unobtrusive place, please use it.

The MAIL’s Shoe care What is COMPANY
I repaired many shoes with brass,
Utilizing his experience of honing it,
We are preparing and producing care products assuming natural aging
It becomes a care goods brand.


※ Import tax may be levied depending on the country.