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The Mail's shoe care co. Boots Polish

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The Mail’s shoe care co.

Boots Polish

Made in France

― Boot polish ―

Color: Natural, Black
Amount: 100ml

Polishing wax for table leather

Made in France

How to use
Take a small amount on a soft cloth or finger,
Extend so that it blends in evenly and thinly.
Then brush with a soft cloth or goat brush.
A protective film is formed on the surface, giving it a luster.

Main component
Beeswax, carbana wax, paint, fragrance, dye

Precautions for use

It cannot be used for anything other than leather.

Oil may enter and the color may become darker.

Please use it after testing it in the inconspicuous part.

About The MAIL’s Shoe care COMPANY
Repair many shoes with brass,
Leveraging the experience of polishing it,
We prepare and produce care products that assume natural aging.
Become a care product brand.


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