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The Mail's shoe care co. GOAT BRUSH

for Japanese

– Handmade Brush Goat –

Hair: Goat

Sweden’s long-established brush manufacturer with IRIS HANTVERK
It becomes a double name hand-planted brush.
We are using very soft, high quality mountain wool.
Please use it with Hakuba hairs and use it for finishing shoe polish.

about Iris Hantverk

In the late nineteenth century, industrial reform occurred in Sweden.
Iris hantverk also began founding in a small workshop in Stockholm in 1870 in the same age.
Since our establishment, we actively hire people with visual disabilities,
We continue to make all-handmade brushes.

From the cleaning brush that can be used at home to the brush used at the tennis court, there are over 100 types of brushes to handle.
In addition to using natural materials as much as possible,
Brushed hair such as vegetable and animal growth hair, born from the benefits of nature is used.
Simple but feel warmth Materials and fine flocking make you feel heartwarming handicraft like Northern Europe.

The MAIL’s Shoe care What is COMPANY
I repaired many shoes with brass,
Utilizing his experience of honing it,
We are preparing and producing care products assuming natural aging
It becomes a care goods brand.


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